When you think of VR, what comes to mind?  For most people, the default answer is, “entertainment”.  Things like games and experiences are most common.  The movies and apps are almost always aimed at enjoyment and fun.  But that’s only one portion of the VR market.  In fact, there are dozens of VR uses that are currently being explored well beyond entertainment.  Some of the VR uses we’ll explore are quite surprising!  

VR Uses

As with any new technology, the potential uses of VR are still being developed and discovered.  While entertainment is no doubt important, the immersion, tracking, and portability of VR technology mean it’s not the only category of use.  From sports to military uses, telecommunications to engineering, and tourism to even therapy, VR holds great promise.  Come explore some of these different VR uses with us.  You might even find your mind racing, thinking of new uses that no one else has thought of yet.  You’ll learn, be inspired, and might get a glimpse of what the future of VR holds.

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Uses: Sports

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Virtual reality continues to grow and expand in almost every part of our lives.  Just a few years ago, [...]