VR is a relatively new technology, and that means a lot of people have questions.  With so many different brands of headsets, applications, platforms, and so on, it’s to be expected.  Finding reliable answers to these questions on line can be difficult in many cases.  Rather than go on an endless Google search and hope to find what you need, we’ve done the hard work for you!  Our VR Q&A section provides answers to all of your VR questions.


Our VR Guides section provides in-depth articles on specific topics within VR, which may include “questions” as the framing for the content.  However, our VR Q&A articles tend to be much more focused on a specific issue or question.  Consider them like Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on many websites.  We pose a question, provide a short answer, and then a much more detailed answer below it.

We also encourage our readers to submit questions for future VR Q&As on topics that they’d like to see answered.  As our knowledge base grows, we hope to offer meaningful answers to pressing questions from the entire realm of VR technology.

Content Disclaimer

All of the content (including VR Q&A articles) on FocusOnVR is the original work of the site’s owners and authors.  We provide links to purchase the headsets via Amazon, and make money to pay for the site through the Amazon Affiliate Program.  However, those are the only financial ties we have to the products we feature.  In no case do we have any existing financial relationship, or any other relationship, with the the businesses, products, and services we review.  The VR Q&A articles consist of information that is sourced from professional sites, technical sites, manufacturer information, and other reliable sources.  The content is a mix of facts and data with narrative explanation.  We strive to be as accurate and up-to-date as possible with this information.