FocusOnVR features comprehensive VR headset reviews covering all of the different styles, brands, and models that are on the market today.  We review each headset on its own, and also in the context of how they compare to one another.

VR Headset Reviews

We analyze the different features, build quality and performance, content, platforms and compatibility, customer service, warranty, and overall user experience of different VR headsets.  These include basic mobile VR headset reviews, premium mobile VR headset reviews, stand-alone VR headset reviews, and tethered VR headset reviews.  If it works as a VR headset, we review it!  This is in addition to all our other VR articles and categories.  

At FocusOnVR, we use a rigorous, multi-disciplinary approach to our reviews.  We also incorporate consumer feedback from multiple review and purchase sites around the Internet.  Our goal is to provide an unbiased, one-stop-shop for your VR review and education needs.   

At the end of the review, we also provide a concluding review score, in a familiar “star” format.  The max score available is 5 stars, and we score in whole and half-star increments for simplicity.  This format should be familiar to anyone who has frequented other reviews sites online.  It’s also used by some of the top online retailers, such as Amazon.  

Review Disclaimer

All of the headset reviews on FocusOnVR are the original work of the site’s owners and authors.  We provide links to purchase the headsets via Amazon, and make money to pay for the site through the Amazon Affiliate Program.  However, those are the only financial ties we have to the products we review.  In no case do we have any existing financial relationship, or any other relationship, with the headset manufacturers.  We also have no relationship with the content producers or other businesses whose products and services we review on our site.