The virtual reality category is rapidly growing and changing.  With new technologies, content, and companies in this category, it can be hard to keep up with what’s going on!  Newbies to VR often have many questions, and even veterans of VR often don’t understand the technical aspects of the technology.  So, we provide a full range of VR guides, that seek to explain everything there is to know about VR!

VR Guides

Ever wonder exactly how VR works?  What is VR anyway?  What does a gyroscope do, and how does it relate to head tracking in VR?  Specifically what do each of the different types of headset offer?  There are many topics that form the basis for our detailed VR guides.  Our goal is to answer questions and provide useful information, that is simple enough for everyone to understand, but technical enough for VR veterans and nerds alike.  We want FocusOnVR to become your one-stop-shop for all of your VR needs, including “how does it work?” content.  

Content Disclaimer

All of the VR guides and other content on FocusOnVR are the original work of the site’s owners and authors.  We provide links to purchase the headsets via Amazon, and make money to pay for the site through the Amazon Affiliate Program.  However, those are the only financial ties we have to the products we feature.  In no case do we have any existing financial relationship, or any other relationship, with the the businesses, products, and services we review.  The VR guides consist of information that is sourced from professional sites, technical sites, manufacturer information, and other reliable sources.  We strive to be as accurate and up-to-date as possible with this information.