VR headsets and VR technology are awesome, but without quality VR content, they’re just fancy goggles.  We review the growing body of VR content available, including category-level information as well as individual reviews.  These individual reviews cover VR content like games, apps, movies, experiences, and much more.  Learn about all the content that’s available for different VR headsets and platforms, as we help separate the good from the bad.

VR Content

The various VR content stores for different headsets and platforms feature thousands of programs, apps, and experiences.  In addition, services offering VR content, such as live sporting events, are becoming more prevalent.  Downloadable VR movies are becoming more and more popular, especially in the adult entertainment category.  And the robust uses of VR mean that content covers many different categories and uses.  

While it’s impossible to review every single program, app, experience, or movie in detail, we take a look at some of the best offerings.  In some cases, we’ll review a category or theme of programs and apps.  We’ll highlight some of the best examples in that category.  In other cases, we’ll do a deep dive on specific content offerings, such as a single program or experience.  These reviews will focus on what makes that product stand out and what it offers.    

Content Disclaimer

All of the content reviews on FocusOnVR are the original work of the site’s owners and authors.  We provide links to purchase the headsets via Amazon, and make money to pay for the site through the Amazon Affiliate Program.  However, those are the only financial ties we have to the products we feature.  In no case do we have any existing financial relationship, or any other relationship, with the the businesses, products, and services we review.  The VR content articles consist of information that is sourced from professional sites, technical sites, manufacturer information, and other reliable sources.  It also includes our own impressions and reviews of how that content provides value for consumers.  We strive to be as accurate and up-to-date as possible with this information.