Within the VR headset space, it can be very hard to tell the difference between one headset and another.  This is especially true of headsets that are at similar price points from reputable manufacturers.  FocusOnVR offers head-to-head VR comparisons of comparable-tier headsets, to see how they stack up against one another.  With a detailed focus on similarities and differences, our readers can gain an insight into which headset is the best choice for their needs.  

VR Comparisons

Building on our VR headset reviews, we select headsets that are of similar price point, features, and quality.  Then, we put them in a head-to-head match up!  We analyze their features as they compare to one another.  Then, we take a look at five distinct areas for comparison: core hardware, quality and performance, content, tracking, immersion, and accessories, and price and value.  Within each area of comparison, we declare a winner (or a draw when they are equally matched).  At the end of the match up, we declare an overall winner.  These winners are our recommendations for which headset to choose within each match up category.  

Review Disclaimer

All of the headset reviews and comparisons on FocusOnVR are the original work of the site’s owners and authors.  We provide links to purchase the headsets via Amazon, and make money to pay for the site through the Amazon Affiliate Program.  However, those are the only financial ties we have to the products we review.  In no case do we have any existing financial relationship, or any other relationship, with the headset manufacturers.  We also have no relationship with the content producers or other businesses whose products and services we review on our site.