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About Us

FocusOnVR, as the name implies, is focused almost exclusively on virtual reality.  This includes the technology, products, and services that are related to or part of the VR sector.  Our primary content is aimed at helping provide reviews and guidance to consumers on the topic of virtual reality, and the products and services that are available on the market.

The primary content categories of FocusOnVR include:

VR Headset Reviews

We cover the virtual reality headsets and devices that are on the market, from the major players and expensive devices to the most basic and DIY-style headsets.  We do a deep dive on all the aspects of the headset, including its specifications, performance, build quality, and much more.

VR Comparison

How do products and services stack up head-to-head?  We put them to the test, in side-by-side comparisons.  Headsets, VR platforms, apps, experiences, games, and more are all compared to their competitors, to help separate the bad from the good, and the good from the great.

VR Guides

Not sure how VR works?  Need information on which phones are compatible with which mobile headsets?  Looking for a walkthrough on setting up certain devices or content on your VR system?  We’ve got you covered, with an ever-growing library of guides, ranging from the general to the specific.

VR Content

Headsets are great, but without some kind of VR content, they’re basically expensive paperweights.  There’s such a rich library of games, apps, experiences, movies, and much more to use and view on your headset.  We’ve got full coverage on the best content out there from all the major content platforms and categories.

VR Uses

There’s a lot more to VR than just entertainment.  Virtual reality technology is being deployed in a whole range of different applications, from psychotherapy to the military, industrial design to sports.  New and innovative applications for VR tech are being developed all the time.  We’ll provide detailed info on how VR is being put to use, and project what the future might hold for VR.


Don’t have time to read a detailed guide?  Just looking for an answer to a specific question or questions you have about something related to VR?  Check out the FAQs in our Q&A section!

The team at FocusOnVR includes researchers and writers of diverse backgrounds, and varying levels of experience with tech and VR.  So, we can bring you a very well-rounded approach to reviewing the devices, content, and topics associated with virtual reality.  We strive to be as objective as possible, though reviews are inherently a somewhat subjective, opinion-based business.  Nevertheless, all of our articles are thoroughly researched, with the goal of informing and entertaining our readers.

Our focus tends to be on the market in the United States, and so device availability, manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) data, and so on will be based on the US market.  Local pricing and availability may vary by country or region.

FocusOnVR is a totally free site.  We don’t charge for our reviews, we don’t have a membership program, and we don’t sell your information.  Our operational revenue comes from advertising and affiliate services.  Therefore, we occasionally offer relevant product links within our articles and reviews.  For example, if we’re reviewing a particular headset, we may provide a link to purchase that headset from a third-party site like Amazon.  While you are encouraged to click through the link and browse and purchase the products, you are under no obligation.  However, if you do intend to make a purchase following use of our site, we would appreciate your use of our links – it helps fund the site’s operation, and allows us to continue to add new and informative content.

FocusOnVR is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com.

Thank you for visiting, and we hope you find our site informative and entertaining.  If you feel like it, drop us a line and let us know how we’re doing!   And welcome to FocusOnVR – your portal to a new reality!